Our Mission

The current times have the dubious distinction of being the most CRITICAL time for NEED of Black Men of consequence with commitment to the protection, welfare and perpetuation of Black People.

The lack of such men has reached (past tense) EPIDEMIC proportions.

It is absolutely asinine to think that the RE-CONSTRUCTION of strong, strident Black Men can happen either arbitrarily or at the hands of the enemies of Black People. Quite the contrary, it is a precisely deliberate process that any or everyone is NOT equipped to facilitate.

We are most certainly up to the challenge.

Our Story

The Boston Society of Vulcan's in conjunction with Facing Love, Blackstonian , BarberBoyz Club, Boston Centers for Youth and Families and the My Brother's Keeper initiative of The City of Boston brings forth the third iteration of :

KNOW THYSELF, an 9 week educational detoxification process for young black males (14-20)

June 3rd-July 19th 2017

Sessions : Every Saturday from 10:30 am- 1pm

To register or for more information, please go to www.knowthyselftraining.com

Know Thyself is FREE!

Lunch is provided for the participants. (Health conscious foods...no grease and garbage!)

The Young Lions will be provided with  WEEKLY GIVEAWAYS (books, DVDs, CDs, hygiene items, hats, clothing, gift certificates) to make this a more robust experience for the aspiring men to increase the RETENTION of the information provided.

The absence of/corruption of accurate and sufficient levels of SELF-KNOWLEDGE and CORRESPONDING ACTION is at the root of the dysfunction that runs rampant in the Black Community.

It is from that vantage point (with some slight expansions) in which we and our partners intend to engage young black males to incur a commitment FROM themselves TO themselves for the expressed purpose of increasing their level of SELF-regard and activity level within the Black family and community.

The KnowThyself staff are in possession of a NATIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS and a LOVE of our people and these young aspiring men.

“Love” has many definitions..but only ONE denominator...and we believe that to be ACTION! We accept the challenge of proving that, through our actions, you made the right decision in entrusting your young males to us.

Register Your Young Lion for KTS Training 2017

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