The Definition of Racism

As postulated by Neely Fuller Jr. and Dr. Frances Cress Welsing.

The Relationship between Black Males, Black Females, the Black Family and Civilization

We will ACTIVELY prepare The YLs to regard The Black Woman with reverence, respect and as his ONLY selection in the building of Black Families. (2 sessions)


Building safeguards against the hostile influential takeover of the YL’s minds and behavior by vapid, destructive music, movies, television shows DESIGNED and WEAPONIZED against Black/Afrikan people.

The True Purpose of Education

Examination of the history and dynamics of the educational paradigm of the American Social Order and it’s FAILURE to establish substantial educational infrastructure regarding Black/Afrikan People.

White Supremacy in Sports

Delving into the industry of collegiate and professional sports and dissecting the power dynamics between white ownership, team fan base and the Black/Afrikan Athlete.

White Supremacy in Comics & Sci-Fi

The newest (and potentially MOST immediate) frontier to be used as a device to impart the tenets of Racism/White Supremacy. (2 Sessions)

Police: History, Purpose and Behavior

A historical retrospective of the formation of Police in America as well as preparing the YL’s for practical (and likely contentious) engagement with Police Personnel WITH THE GOAL of dis-engaging from them with life, limb and integrity intact.