Meet the Know Thyself Training Team

Know Thyself Training is powered by a network of strong, positive, Black Men with proven track records of tangible work and a deep commitment to the Black Community.

salih head shot

Octavius Salih Rowe

Founder & Lead Organizer

Octavius Salih Rowe
VP, Boston Society of Vulcans
Chairman, Straight Black Pride-Boston

"He that gives you the diameter of your knowledge, prescribes the circumference of your action"

In 2012, I (along with my brother Darrel Powell) took this quote to its profundity and started KTS.  I was a fortunate black child.  Reared in a home with two educator parents, they strategically placed my brothers and I in environments and around individuals who exuded BLACK MANHOOD.  This has been a critically beneficial factor in my staunch commitment to contributing to the improvement of Black/Afrikan people.

newt johnson

Newt Johnson


In my son's words, "Dad is caring and intelligent."
I was raised in Roxbury, MA. I've always felt that Brown and Black people have been dealt a faulty deck of cards.  The game was not meant for us to thrive and win.  We've been ignored and treated unjustly.  I'm here to throw a wrench in the game.  I'm a community supporter and most importantly a father.  Lover of Black Music, Black Art and Black Excellence.
rashad cope

Rashad Cope


Rashad O. Cope is as an aspiring urban educator and community leader who has devoted his time and energy towards inspiring and reshaping the lives of urban youth.

Rashad’s appreciation of community building, social change & justice, and education extends well beyond professionalism, as he has overcame the shortcomings of being a low-income and first generation youth himself, to reach the expectations in which he sets forth for all students, youth and especially young males of color today.


Abdul Jabbar Muhammad


Jabbar is a proud member of Nation of Islam's Historic Mosque #11 under the leadership of Min. Don Muhammad (locally) and Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan (nationally). Jabbar is also Boston Firefighter as well as a proud Father and devoted Family Man.

Greg dorfeuille

Gregoire J. Dorfeuille


Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.
Zeta Kappa Sigma Chapter
Director of Social Action
Greg began working with KNOW THYSELF in 2014 because he saw it as an opportunity to come together with other men in the community who share similar ideas, beliefs and goals targeted towards social change. The positive development of our youth, specifically building, strengthening, & maintaining the evolutionary growth of our young African American males with true knowledge and information, is a top priority for Greg. He is active in the Boston and Haitian community and serves as the Director of Social Action for Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Zeta Kappa Sigma Chapter.
Jeichael Henderson

Jeichael K. Henderson


Jeichael Henderson, Principal

Jeichael Henderson is currently the Principal of the Holland Elementary School, prior to this appointment, Jeichael was the Assistant Principal at the Lee Elementary School. He began his career at the Holland in 1997 as a student teacher and accepted a full-time teaching position at the school. Henderson is a product of the Boston Public Schools and holds a bachelor's degree as well as two master's degrees from the University of Massachusetts. Henderson is also a former student in The Good Grooming class, the forefather of KTS. Jeichael's father was Sekou Mims (RIP), a founder of Pyramid Builders, and author of "Post Traumatic Slave Disorder"

allah allah

Allah Mathematics Allah


Allah is a Boston Born & Raised Entrepreneur. As the proud owner of a Barbershop Allah maintains the tradition as a community safe space and a hub to exchange information and connect with the youth. Allah is also a certified Boxing coach and has taught many young men not only the "sweet science" but also the science of life.

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